AUTO LOCKOUT- 24/7 Service:

The automobile lockout service is a very competitive service in the Grand Rapids area. Why you ask? Not only does your local locksmith offer this service, but also almost every towing company.Car Lockouts can be very frustrating and inconvenient to one’s schedule, but paying a professional who is qualified in the field of locksmithing can save you a headache. While towing companies, for the most part, do a great job, it is always best to hire a trained locksmith to get you into your car.

HOUSE LOCKOUT- 24/7 Service:

Nothing worse than walking out of your home and realizing you are locked out! No worries, Discount Lock almost always has a locksmith on staff with in 15 minutes away. With tools like lock picks, bump keys and shim tools, locksmith’s rarely have to resort to drilling methods. Emergency service is our specialty, we love to help and serve the community when you run into a pickle.