Commercial Services:

Broken Lock

If you have a commercial lock that is broken or not working quite right, you might now have to replace it. Commercial locks can range in most cases from $50 to $500, fixing a lock instead of replacing can be cost effective. However, if repairing the lock is not an option, our locksmiths have a wide range of commercial replacement stock in their service vehicle.

New Commercial Hardware
Discount Lock & Door stocks wide range of commercial products which include: Locks, door closers, exit devices, kick plates, door kick stops, bathroom push/pull plates, and many cylinders to accommodate any key way you, the customer, might have. All the products we sell at Discount Lock & Door, are reasonably priced and deliver a great bang for your buck. We only provide product that is extremely high quality but, at the same time, a fair price. We have products that are specifically ADA (handicap) compliant. Call now to talk to an expert locksmith or door hardware supplier about your commercial hardware needs. Free on-site Estimates!

Door & Frame Replacement

Yes, that is right! We offer a commercial door and frame replacement service. Details on this service include tearing out your old, maybe rusted, door and frame, then replacing with a brand new painted door and frame with any hardware you request. Michigan weather does a number on steel doors & frames due to heavy rush corrosion. A combination of moisture and ice salt can eat away at your commercial door! We also paint/prime the doors with a rust prohibiting paint so that we can protect your new door and frame from rusting all over again. We are extremely competitive in this field and we would love to give you an estimate on your next door & frame project!

Door or Lock Adjustments

Many calls that our locksmiths receive here at Discount Lock & Door is that “my door is not closing easily” or “my key is hard to turn.” These both can, in most cases, be adjusted or fix with out having to pay for any new hardware. Our locksmiths have many cutting edge tools that are built to adjust doors to fix them from sagging. We also can have one of our highly trained locksmiths re-key your lock if you key is sticking.

Re-Key Locks

If you lease new commercial space, fire an employee, or change cleaning companies you may find yourself thinking about changing your locks.  Even if you do get your keys back from previous owners, occupants, employees or contractors, they have had the opportunity to copy or duplicate your keys.  You have no way of knowing how many duplicates may have been made, or who has them. In almost any situation where you think a lock needs to be changed, a local locksmith can re-key the lock at a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the time it would take to select new locks and replace them. If you have an issue with your key sticking, call you local locksmith and they can re-key your lock back to the key that was supposed to work the lock. ***Content taken from

Master Key Systems

Many commercial customers have a desire to have the building they lease or own to be re-keyed, by a locksmith, to a master key system. Our locksmiths are highly trained and specialize in commercial master key systems. Call Discount Lock & Door today and a specialist can walk you through a system that might suit your needs.

Access Control

Does your company constantly lose keys? Maybe the solution is not re-keying your building, but adding code or card access. Our locksmith are trained in the field of access control and are trained in setting up systems to suit your needs. Whether it be just adding access control to one door or many, our locksmiths are ready to help. We stock a wide range of electric strike and weatherproof code readers that can easily adapt to any door you might have. Stay on the cutting edge of technology and call Discount Lock today to set up you own personalized Access control system.